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Sat Dec 15, 2018 @10:00AM
Fence Build for Oso in Estacada


Love in Action

 Fences For Fido Background –
Fences For Fido is an all-volunteer organization that builds fences and provides shelter and critical veterinary service for dogs living outside on chains, it’s not our complete story. The work we do is deeply rooted in making real, meaningful change in the relationship between a dog and his or her family. The fence provides the family with an opportunity to change their relationship with their four-legged family member, no longer with the guilt that comes from seeing their dog chained day after day, knowing they should do more. A dog who desperately jumped on people for attention, relentlessly barked, or who had become lethargic while on a chain becomes a dog that the family invites in to the home. The yard provides a place for kids to play with the dog. And soon, the dog who had been an outsider to the family becomes a cherished member.
We know dogs are social animals, and they crave human affection and attention, and ideally all dogs would be inside with their families, but when that doesn’t happen, FFF is that gentle hand — extending compassion to both people and their dogs, without judgment.
The beauty of Fences For Fido is we can donate three hours on Saturday morning and be immediately rewarded by witnessing the excitement that a dog feels the moment that they are released from their chain, sometimes for the first time ever. Within 3 hours, a life changes before your eyes.
But building fences alone is not enough, which is why FFF successfully spearheaded legislation in 2013 to address chronic tethering in Oregon.
This is a mission that has touched the heart of dog lovers across the country – so much so we are mentoring dog lovers from Tennessee to Washington State interested in forming similar groups in their states. Each of us has the power to change a dog’s life forever, and we want to inspire others to follow their hearts.  
Because this work is truly – love in action.