Krystal, Buster Brown, Chewy Lewis in Ocean Park Wa.  

Fence Build

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Saturday, March 24, 2018, 12:00pm

Look at these three cute patoots! The very senior gentleman is Chewy Lewis, he (luckily) wandered into the clients yard and they spent days looking for his owner. When they found him he said to just keep him, he was "no good at hunting anyway." Then there is Krystal, a 5 year old Black lab. They both wander free and pretty much stay out of of trouble (exept for the danger of getting hit) but our friend Buster Brown is a different story. This wild boy has to be tethered. He has a great trick though, he will pull to the end of his lead, give a hilarious grin and do super fast air paddling with his front paws, someone has to put him on you tube, he will go viral for sure! Ocean Park is quite a drive but the build will be easy, nice flat sandy ground! (And if you want to make a weekend of it check out The Sou'Wester Lodge!) 

chewy and krystalbuster brown

Location Ocean Park Wa
Contact Jennifer adams
Contact Email jennifer.fencesforfido@gmail.com


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