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As we are all officially settled into a brand-new year, the official National Unchain a Dog Month, we reflect on an incredible past year of pets and their family’s lives transformed by compassion and love from Fences For Fido. Our volunteers selflessly offer their hearts and hands to make lives better and all of this would not be possible without our supporters' generosity and kindness.

As we transition into this new year, we are steadfast in providing freedom, warmth, nourishment, and good health to our Fidos.

Thanks to our volunteers and supporters, over 3,000 dogs are safer and experiencing freedom within the a secure fence.

Our efforts in Warm Springs will also continue to positively impact families and their Fidos.

In 2010, we began unchaining dogs on the Warm Springs Reservation, and today we serve as the only animal-welfare organization authorized by the Tribal Council. It’s in that spirit, Fences For Fido extended our mission and compassion to fill a niche on the Reservation so that families with pets (and those caring for the vulnerable free roaming dog population) have access to spay and neuter and other important veterinary care services.

This year also marks 10 years since Fences For Fido championed legislation in Oregon to limit tethering and elevated shelter standards, improving the lives of dogs living outside.

We thank you and look forward to 2023!


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Fido friends and family, please make a note of our new mailing address so we can be sure to keep in touch.


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Now you can take us along with you with some of our favorite songs, Fido approved! If you have Spotify look for our playlist, ' Fences For Fido Favorites ' or visit this link to start listening to what makes our hearts swoon and helps get us moving!


Drink Coffee, Help Fidos

Celebrate Unchain a Dog Month by visiting Mutt's Coffee online or in-store. When ordering online. , you choose your roast of choice and then choose the National Unchain a Dog Month label at check-out. Mutt's Coffee gives a portion of the proceeds to Fences For Fido! It's a Win, Win! Help Fidos while enjoying delicious coffee!




The most significant gift Fences For Fido can give to a chained dog is a lifetime of freedom. So, knowing that Zelda will soon be chain free, with a little help from her friends, truly reflects what we do every day of the year.
When volunteers met Zelda on the Warm Springs Reservation, there was an immediate connection and bond. Her softness, vulnerability, and tenderness were all found in the warmth of her eyes.
Zelda’s family hadn’t yet applied for a fence, but when we approached them with an offer of a fence, their immediate response was, “Thank you, we have been so worried about her.”
We are so fortunate; volunteer spots were quickly filled for Zelda's build and this past weekend we were able to give Zelda her much deserved freedom. You can see volunteers hard at work and Zelda run with delightful freedom through her heart-melting ZOOMIES, here !
Sponsorship or donations in any amount will add up to help dogs just like Zelda receive love, warmth and the newfound freedom of ZOOMIES!

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