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The COVID-19 pandemic still impacts us. 



As of May 2020 we have started to build again due to Washington and Oregon State Construction Bans being lifted. We are eagerly building for all of our Fidos who have been patiently waiting for up to 3 or more months for their freedom.



While building, we want to honor everyone's safety by minimizing possible exposure to the virus, because we know it's an important part of slowing the virus and protecting vulnerable people who could become dangerously sick from it.



We know there is still much stress and uncertainty during this unprecedented time and families are struggling even more to meet the needs of their four-legged members.



Beginning March 17, 2020 with safety and health measures in place, we enacted a plan to continue to serve our past and future clients. 



We were able to work with all of our Client Outreach team members to list our highest-need cases. Using the smallest possible crew with safety measures in place, we were able to visit those dogs and:

  • Set up temporary panel fences if needed
  • Schedule urgent veterinary care as needed
  • Deliver dog houses or food as needed



 AND MOST OF ALL, We're protecting OUR VOLUNTEERS: the most valuable part of this amazing, life-saving, kindness-spreading, hard-working machine we've created together.

We will continue following specific safety protocols which includes maintaining safe distances, limiting the number of people at a build and glove and mask wearing. 



Please take the best possible care of yourself. Rest. Wash your hands. Stay home as much as possible. Encourage your friends and family to do their best to follow the CDC guidelines for safety in this unusual time.