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The Dangers of Entanglement:
A Safe Fence for Sasha


Sasha was able to meet some of our most seasoned volunteers who came from various regions in Oregon and Washington for her southwest Washington build. Previously, Sasha spent many hours a day in a 2x3 cage or she was tied to a zipline.

Entanglement is a serious risk to tethered dogs. As you can see below, Sasha would get herself in quite a tangled mess, which be life threatening if the line wraps around a dog's neck or limbs.

Volunteers create a space of freedom and safety from the dangers of a zipline. Run free Sasha! Visit this link to see more photos of her freedom day!


Life-Saving Critical Vet Care: Big's Story


In the wee hours of the morning, one of our beloved Fidos was fighting for his life.

We first met Big, in 2021 when our crew in Washington built a fence for Big and his friend Jewll.

This last month, Big was rushed to the ER vet as he had been vomiting excessively and was extremely lethargic. Thanks to our Nelson & Ginger Care Fund founded by our friend Angela, we were able to say “yes” to helping our sweet Fido. Big had a serious internal infection and he was diagnosed with a rare disorder called Megaesophagus, which decreases mobility in the muscles of the esophagus. Now, he must be fed meals upright with carefully measured soft dogfood. He has a long road to recovery and will be doing some outpatient treatment and will also need a special feeding chair.

His guardian, filled with gratitude, sent us this message: “I want to tell everyone from Fences For Fido, thank you so much for helping pay the bill at the vet. He was very sick and if he hadn't gone in, I would of lost my best friend and my service animal companion, if they hadn't helped.”

So that we can continue to provide life-saving vet care for our Fidos in the future, please help replenish these funds by donating to the Nelson & Ginger Care Fund. We still need to raise $4,000 to replenish the funds for Big's care.

It takes a village to ensure that our Fidos are safe and healthy, and we’re so grateful for your support of any amount! Donors, we thank YOU for helping dogs who need urgent care.

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