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OPRAH Online
"The Wonderful Gift This Group Gives Dogs

SPOT Magazine
"Mission to Unchain Dogs Rises to New Levels

The Daily News
"Busy Fences for Fido group looking to add local volunteers

The Daily Astorian
"Lives without chains: Volunteers give dogs a taste of freedom

The Bend Source
"Fences For Fido Collaborates with Shepherd's House Women & Children's Shelter

Oregon Live
"Fences for Fido honored by the Oregon Veterinary Medical Association

The Reflector
"Fences for Fido improves Ridgefield dog’s life

"How to Help Chained Dogs in Your Community

KGW Channel 8 - December 18, 2012
"Making a Difference - Fences For Fido Making Happier Pups" (video)

Oregon Live - November 24, 2012
"Pet Talk:  Fences For Fido Provides Early Holiday Gifts for Unchained Dogs"

MetroEast Community Hotline - November 14, 2012
" Fences For Fido - Nadya Vera Interview" (video)

KATU Cahnnel 2 - October 15, 2012
"Toyota Donates New Truck to Help Fences For Fido" (video)

Oregon Live - October 12, 2012
"Fences for Fido One of 100 Organizations Nationwide to Win a Toyota"

Univision Portland – July 17, 2012
"Fences For Fido" (video)

KATU Channel 2 – July 6, 2012
"Everyday Heroes" (video)

KGW Channel 8 – June 8, 2012
"Tracy Barry Honored for Fences For Fido Work" (video)

Statesman Journal – May 27, 2012
"Michelle Blake Receives Humaneitarian Award"

News Channel 8 KGW – May 24, 2012
"Fences For Fido's Three Year Anniversary" (video)

OregonLive – May 5, 2012
"Care Team Brings Dog Back to Health" (Sunday's Story)

Seattle DogSpot – March 13, 2012
"Fences for Fido Committed to Unchaining Dogs in OR and WA"

News Channel 8 KGW – February 1, 2012
"Portland Volunteers Build Fences for Fido" (video)

The Daily News Online – January 31, 2012
"Fences for Fido Projects Dedicated to Deceased Longview Dog"

The Statesman Journal – December 31, 2011
"Year In Review: Group Helps Dogs To Live Chain-Free"

 Lake Oswego Review – November 17, 2011
"Fido Finds Friends In Touchstone School Students"

 Spot Magazine – November 1, 2011
"Fences For Fido Chalks Up Two Great Years And A Bright Future"

The Oregonian – October 20, 2011
"Fences For Fido Launches Educational Pilot Program"

Statesman Journal – August 13, 2011
"Fences For Fido Plans Projects In Silverton, Turner"

The Oregonian – July 29, 2011
"Fences For Fido Seeks Volunteers For Fence Build Tomorrow"

Heart of the Matter – July 26, 2011
"Fences For Fido" (video)

 Molalla Pioneer – April 19, 2011
"Unchaining Dogs, One Fence at a Time"

Animal Talk – March 2011
"Canine Corner – Fences For Fido (page 3)"

Valley Bugler, Animal Tracks – February 1, 2011
"Fences For Fido – Unchaining Local Dogs For A Better Life"

KATU – September 11, 2010
"Fences for Fido helps to build stronger communities" (video)

The Oregonian – September 7, 2010
"Pet Talk: Fences for Fido unites volunteers in building fences so dogs don't have to be tied up"

The Statesman Journal – September 3, 2010
"Fences for Fido celebrates 100-dog milestone"

TDN.com – August 29, 2010
"Volunteers build fences to free dogs of their chains"

Koin 6 Studios – August 17, 2010
"Fences for Fido" (video)

Key Bank & Rose Festival Award – May 13, 2010
"Pledge to Be Positive"

Lebanon Express – April 14, 2010
"Fence Me In"

Democrat Herald – January 29, 2010
"Fences For Fido seeks volunteers for Lebanon job"

The Oregonian, Margie Boule – January 7, 2010
"Fences For Fido Could Use Your Help"

Albany Democrat Herals – December 11, 2009
"Home for the holidays"

The Humane Society of the United States – December 4, 2009
"Volunteers build free fences to get dogs off chains"

The Portland Upside – December 4, 2009
"Freedom for Dogs, One Fence at a Time"

The Gresham Outlook – November 24, 2009
"Fences for Fido gives tethered dogs a better place to play and roam"

Albany Democrat Herald – November 22, 2009
"Albany dog has his day"

Statesman Journal – November 15th, 2009
"Fences For Fido frees dogs from chains"

Albany Democrat Herald – November 7th, 2009
"Former mid-valley resident helping to unchain dogs"

Statesman Journal – November 7, 2009
"Fences for Fido group frees dogs from chains"

KATU Channel 2 Portland – November 6th, 2009
"Everyday Heroes" (video)

Oregonian, Margie Boule – September 22, 2009
"Fences For Fido helps break the dog chains"

KATU Channel 2 Portland – September 5, 2009
"Fences For Fido Brings Room to Run"

Spot Magazine – September 2009
"Unchained, One Dog at a Time"

Willamette Week, Best Of Portland – July 22, 2009
"Best People – Best Canine Containment"

Tracy Barry, KGW “Giving Back” – July 9, 2009
"Volunteers Build Fences For Fido" (Video)

OregonLive.com Wednesday – June 3, 2009
"Worthy new Portland group builds fences for dogs"

OregonLive.com Monday – May 25, 2009
"New non-profit helps chained dogs"