Smokey's Fund

SmokeyHope for dogs suffering from long term chaining 

Dogs who have been chained for long periods of time suffer mentally, emotionally and physically.

Smokey's Fund was founded in memory of Smokey who endured more than nine years of chaining before he was rescued by a dedicated animal advocate and adopted by this loving family. Smokey was left with physical disabilities, chronic pain, and a multitude of other conditions requiring costly medications and veterinary care. In honor of this brave dog, who lived a horrific life for many years on a chain and yet was able to accept and give love, Smokey's Fund alleviates their suffering.

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  • Provides comprehensive veterinary care and medications for dogs who have lived for more than 5 years chained.
  • Helps facilitate rehoming of these dogs.
  • Supports educational efforts about the physical suffering and illnesses that result from dogs being chained.

Smokey's Story



When Smokey was found chained, he had mats the size of softballs hanging from his long fur. Poor nutrition, constant exposure to the elements, no exercise, untreated infections and lack of veterinary care, had left him deaf, with a paralyzed larynx, and severe arthritis and degenerative joint disease.

Once rescued, Smokey received much needed veterinary care and constant love and attention – but he suffered for the rest of his life from being chained and neglected all those years. His hips, spine, legs, ears, and larynx had all deteriorated. He couldn't walk up or down stairs, run, and he had trouble lying down and getting up.

His condition worsened over the three years with his new family, and required increasing therapy and pain medications. His paralyzed larynx caused him to pant even in mild temperatures, during short, slow walks. For this reason he needed to have his coat clipped frequently and grooming was painful because of the arthritis in his legs and hips and spine. One eardrum disintegrated from infection, and he couldn't hear well at all. To communicate with Smokey, one needed to touch gently his back or bend and motion in front of him.

His mistreatment also affected his mind, and behavior. He often would walk up to a door or wall and stand staring at it for minutes.Smokey He paced back and forth for no apparent reason, and was unusually anxious to receive each of his meals. Smokey needed someone with him throughout the day, to help him; he could not be left unaccompanied by a person for longer than a few hours, despite the ever-present companionship and aid of his "big sister," Skippy, a black Labrador retriever mix.

But Smokey's personality survived his long ordeal. He taught his rescuers about perseverance and patience. He taught them how to accept what is, no matter how awful, and to look forward to what may bring us comfort and joy. Smokey's story is about HOPE. 


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