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Fences For Fido is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization based in Portland, Oregon building free fences for dogs living outdoors on chains, tethers or in small outdoor pens.  Our volunteers work in a large area of northwest Oregon and southwest Washington.

Please remember that we are located in the Pacific Northwest and do not go outside Oregon and Washington...


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Fences For Fido - Unchained, One Dog At a Time

Thank you SO much for trusting Fences For Fido into your homes & lives! This simple act of reaching out to us—asking for a helping hand— truly underscores the love and compassion you have for your four-legged family members.  And, I hope you know that, because of your willingness to make the life of your chained dog a little better, it is a sincere honor to offer a gift that gives back to us just as much as it gives to your entire family.

As you may know, FFF is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit that builds free fences for dogs who live outside, on the end of chains (or in small outdoor pens) most hours of the day.  We also provide free spay & neuter services for our client dogs who have yet to be altered and free dog houses specifically built for those dogs who sleep outdoors.

We truly wish we could help everyone in our community, but since we are an all-volunteer organization, relying solely on volunteer and financial generosity from our community, we must use those resources in the most responsible way possible, helping those dogs and families who need it the very, very most. It truly breaks our hearts to make such difficult decisions, but we recognize, as an all-volunteer organization, we must be realistic about what we can accomplish in our community.

Because Fence For Fido receives many applications every week (with a two-month waiting list), we must prioritize those chained or penned dogs in the most dire of circumstances.  That said, we promise to review your application as soon as possible. Please know that we have received your application, and we will thoughtfully consider your situation and our ability to meet your needs.

Thank you for your desire to do better for our four-legged family members. We sincerely look forward to working together—giving you true peace of mind in knowing that your dog has the freedom and security he/she desperately deserves and desires.

With gratitude,

Kelly Peterson, Co-Chair

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The best way to request a fence for yourself or someone else is to complete our simple online "Request a Fence" form.  Thank you for contacting Fences For Fido!