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In our clients’ own words …

"Fences For Fido changed my dog's life and my life. I never knew how unhappy he was on a chain. Chopper is the most happiest dog in the world! And you have a major hand in that! I love my backyard even more now and chopper and fat cat loves it too!
We spend lots more time together now! Never again a chain!"
--Keith, Chopper's Family, Portland

"I wanted to thank you all, again, so very much for the gift of the fence. It has made a tremendous difference. Kia and Kya are running and playing together again. It's been a LONG time since they've had that opportunity. Kya has become much less aggressive with Kia, not trying to dominate anymore, and Kia has become braver around people!! What a surprise blessing that is!"
--Linda, Kia and Kya's Family, Vancouver

"Thank you for helping us take better care of Maya. She is so happy in her new yard.
We love her and are grateful for your help."
--Michelle, Maya's Family, Beaverton

“I am thrilled with the work they [Fences for Fido] did as are our dogs!!! Thank you
so much!!! I can’t praise your organization enough for what they do.”
--Rose, Star, Cassie, and Rex’s Family, Molalla

“I think it’s absolutely wonderful … We’ve been wanting to do this but couldn’t pull it
off financially. It pulled at our heartstrings this past year, having him like this.
We actually thought about giving him up to a better home.”
--Angela, Noah’s Family, Milwaukie

“We are so grateful for all you've done for our dogs! Thank you so much!”
--Darlene, Rocky and Skylar’s Family, Newberg

“I’d recommend it for anybody. It’s wonderful. I can see how much happier they are…
They were confined. I didn’t like it. I didn’t like it a bit.”
--Lonnie, Sable & Bear’s Family, Portland

“I e-mailed them [Fences for Fido], and within five minutes, they called….Within a few days, Fences for Fido had met with us and installed fence posts in the backyard…Yayo is pretty fortunate.”
--John, Yayo’s Family, Albany

“When we saw the news coverage of Fences For Fido, we prayed for our own fence. So we couldn’t have been more grateful when a FFF volunteer knocked on our door the very next day.”
--Phyllis, Babe’s Family, Aumsville

“I am stiff and sore all over but with a smile on my face when I see Durango and Mikey romping in their newly fenced-in back yard. I had so much fun yesterday with the wonderful crew who I worked with for about 6 hours. My husband and I were so impressed by their dedication and organization. Not a minute was wasted. Don West is, also, very humbled and grateful.”
--Geri, Family Friends of Mikey & Durango

“Saturday the crew came out and installed the fence for Jackson. I just wanted to tell you what a great job they did…Two hours and they were on their way. What a great group of people you have there…Please let the team know that they made Jackson a very happy camper.”
--Gary, Jackson’s Family, Amity

“I just wanted to thank your organization again for all the work and effort that was put into building a fence for Gunnar last weekend. I couldn't believe it when I looked in my backyard and saw about 20 people, in the rain, ready to work! Not only all of that, but the kindness and understanding about the challenges a pit bull can sometimes present was also just awesome. Suffice it to say, Gunnar LOVES his new yard, is off the chain, and doing great!”
--Laurie, Gunnar’s Family, Amity

“Thanks a lot for the fenced area for Storm. We had to keep her on a chain because she kept running away. Now no chain and she can move about free. She is also able to come in now and get out of the weather. Thanks again”
--Lorraine, Storm’s Family, Longview

“…Thank you so much. Isabelle has been enjoying it so much, she doesn’t bark hardly at all, and it is so nice to have her by the house. She likes to sleep right under Hannah’s window!”
--Vonny, Isabelle’s Family, Corbett

“Huge “thank you’s” to all of the FFF team that were involved in the build for Franz in Onalaska, Washington…Blessings to all of you! Franz is really enjoying his freedom! We find he is much easier to handle and work with since being “unchained”. He loves his house both inside at night and “on top” during the day. Thank you—each one for this wonderful gift.”
--Andi, Franz’s Family, Onalaska

“Wow!! Great Job!! Gypsy is loving it!! Thanks to all who helped out. We are used to being the helpers not on the receiving end.
We look forward to volunteering /Pay It Forward.

Thanks again from Gypsy too.”
--Shawn, Gypsy’s Family, Portland

“I hated having her tied up all the time …. Storm dug holes everywhere and pulled the fence to pieces and would just lay there in the sun bored out of her mind. Now she runs and our yard isn’t torn up she quit digging, she doesn’t tip her water over….But most of all she quit howling! We no longer have a muzzle on her and she enjoys the trees and exploring, she’s very quiet and actually tires herself out, and that’s hard to do to a Husky…Thank you guys a lot.”
--Stephanie, Storm’s Family, Scappoose

"Shirley, Thank you for the care and a fence for Grace. We are quite appreciative. You're an angel, from our family to you."
--Shannon, Grace's Family, Cathlamet

"Just a quick thank you to all the volunteers that came out and made a wonderful area for our family to enjoy spending time with Cash. Cash is very happy with his new area. I don't think he has quit panting or wagging his tail since he has been freed, he is a very tired boy by the end of the day. Thank you so much for all the work and I
hope other families are lucky enough to find Fences For Fido."
--Charlie, Cash's Family, La Center

"I want to thank you and all the people who put in their time and effort to build the fence for our dogs and to the ones who came out and moved Bandits house!l He is now using it. I know it makes it so much easier to play with all of them with them able to be free off chains to run get the toys we throw fir them, I know they are SO much happier being free of the chains! So again thank you all so much and please tell everyone else we all thank them too!"
--Family of Bandit, Foxy, Badger & Erabus, Salem

“Hello and greetings to the ‘Fences For Fido’ family. My roommate Bonnie and I so gratefully want to thank you very much for the donation of your time and work in creating our beautiful fenced-in yard. In addition, we recognize this magnitude of generosity that was spent doing so on Christmas Eve. You are “ALL” very special people giving to a very special cause! All of our lives have been greatly enriched thanks to your gift, especially the dogs and my children. I will never tire of watching my dogs and children joyfully play in the great outdoors while doing so safely and freely. And I say finally to you that I learned it was possible for three dogs to show beaming, pretty smiles and be even more beautiful to our smiling touched lives. With much appreciation.”
--Nicole, Family of Chico, Cheetho and Lady, Portland

We all thank you so much for your generosity in putting so much time and caring to provide a “home” for Kyree. Please accept this donation towards the next homes you provide. We feel humbled by this experience. We will (& have) praised your program to anybody we can. Thank you for all your help, all of you have truly been a blessing, thank you.
--Family, Landlord, and Neighbors of Kyree, Aumsville