Fence Build for Ahtu in Aberdeen, WA  

Fence Build

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Sunday, September 08, 2019, 10:00am

Ahtu's life began in a rough environment where it was fight or flight.  Her new family loves her immensely and only want the best for her and that includes having a nice, fenced area where she can be safe and enjoy being the sweetheart that she is without fear.  We are going to build that fence for Ahtu!


Location Aberdeen, WA
Contact Becky Reavis, 913-909-8215
Contact Email furacres@gmail.com


For post settings and fence builds, you will receive your "Thanks for Volunteering" email after you click to attend. This will have the email address for the coordinator for this event. Please use that to tell us about any special milestones that this build signifies for you or a fellow volunteer.


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